Arsenault Longarm Quilting studio is tucked away in the woods of the picturesque rural outskirts of Souris, PEI.  The studio is home to a computerized Gammill Statler Stitcher. Our mission is to provide outstanding quality and tailored quilting at affordable rates.
We are a homeschooling and homesteading family of a disabled child with a love for our community, creativity and the arts.
I have been a quilter and seamstress for over 15 years but I have always been blessed to be surrounded by quilts from infancy. I remember them in intense detail even though I was largely unaware of their significance.  Of all the things I have had to part with in my life, I always managed to hold onto those keepsakes.
It was with the premature birth of my first child that I began to understand the significance of quilts.  As we toured the circuit of Neonatal Intensive Care Units, this tiny 2 pound, wiry, baby girl was gifted with quilts made by local quilt guild ladies.  They covered her incubator providing her with quiet and darkness to help her grow and block out the constantly shrill NICU. It seemed so surreal that the world could keep moving on like nothing happened, it didn’t care, when our whole world was crashing down and she lay fighting for her life.  But day after day those quilts stretched out over her and eventually its persistent, humble message sunk in.  Someone out there donated part of their life to make this baby a quilt and donate it to our family in our darkest time so that we would know someone cared for us. I would often sneak her out of her incubator and snatch a quilt off the top and all three of us would snuggle for hours waiting for her to grow.  It went a long way to healing a broken baby and momma and lent me the strength to keep going.  Now they hang on a wall still stretched out over her as she sleeps and will remain forever cherished.
It wasn’t until a little while later and out of a necessity for quilts and clothes that I was ushered into the world of textiles and design.  Fascination with the artistry and passion involved captivates me to this day.  I am honored to have the opportunity to give back to the quilting community and offer support and my skills to help quilters finish their works of art.
Please Note:
We also share our home with a variety of disabled and rescued animals.  While we maintain a high level of cleanliness in our home and a pet free Longarm studio, we cannot guarantee a 100% allergen free zone due to the fundamental transient nature of dander.