Edge to edge is an overall quilting pattern.  The density and detail of each pattern will determine the category it falls under.

Semi-Custom is typically a quilt with an edge to edge pattern on the interior of a quilt with a separate border treatment.

Custom is true to its name- customized quilting of each shape, block, sashing or multiple borders

One colour thread is included. Thread changes and specialty thread is extra.

50 dollar minimum loading fee.

All prices are before HST.

Pricing is calculated “per square inch” (psi).  The formula for this is (length of quilt x width of quilt x price of service).

Basting Services Available

-Edge to Edge:

Standard Pattern and size: .0225 cents psi

Dense Patterns starting at: .025 cents psi

-Semi Custom:

.035 cents psi


starting at .06 cents psi

-Custom sewn quilt label: $30.00

Backing, batting, trimming, pressing, thread clean up and additional top prep time is extra.

Return shipping or courier service is available at an extra cost when services are paid in full.

Please Note:
We share our home with a variety of disabled and rescued animals.  While we maintain a high level of cleanliness in our home and a pet free Longarm studio, we cannot guarantee a 100% allergen free zone due to the fundamental transient nature of dander.